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The Idea of Being Small and Self Contained

Maybe instead of rocking the world we should just rock our babies to sleep. Continue reading


The iPad is going to be WAY bigger than you think…

The iPad is small in size, but don’t think for two seconds it’s going to be small in sales. It’s going to be huge. It’s not only going to be huge, it’s going to draw people into the Applesauce where they will find the water is quite pleasant and relaxing. Every pharmaceutical sales rep will … Continue reading

My Apple Store Conversion

My iPhone got confused. Probably by the weird electricity in my house. Because it got confused just as my Mom was calling and the battery was at red zero and using push with Google Sync had been pulling my battery down a lot – I assumed. I assumed the battery on my two year old … Continue reading

Starting over…

I don’t know what the Xackr brand will become but I know that I want it to be a positive thing. My personality lends itself to rants and rants really accomplish nothing. I’m going back and collecting my previous posts and mushing them into something, that moving forward will be about making something better. Stay … Continue reading