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My iPad wishlist (so far)

My iPad wishes. Continue reading


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My Mac Workflow

It took some adjusting and rearranging but I think I’m finally comfortably settled into my little Mac Mini as my primary work machine. I had tons of software for Windows so I had to take it on the chin, and load some trialware to get fully operational but I made it. ┬áThe hardest part now … Continue reading

I’ve Look At Clouds From Both Sides Now…

No not the fluffy puffy stuff floating by in the sky. Clouds as in cloud computing. The bold exciting innovative Web2.0 way to do your Internet thang. The must have wave of the future! Meh. Like right now I’m typing and the web browser is saving the letters in this page, but when I hit … Continue reading

A Glass Is Half Full Day

You know I had one of those glass is half full days today. You know the one where you taste the bread? There’s a lot to be said for the days that are at neither end of the emotional spectrum. No wild euphoric experience like falling in love or a dismal life changing one like … Continue reading