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A Glass Is Half Full Day

You know I had one of those glass is half full days today. You know the one where you taste the bread? There’s a lot to be said for the days that are at neither end of the emotional spectrum. No wild euphoric experience like falling in love or a dismal life changing one like losing a loved one. Just the big fat middle of the road where everything is just okey dokey.

Sometimes I think we strive for things in the sunshine, or forget that it’s perfectly okay to dance in the rain. And we have one of those days where we feel the need to reach for wine for two completely different reasons.

George Clooney once said about his reviews that has stuck with me. He said “you’re never as good as they said you were AND you’re never as bad as they said you were.”

That sums up a glass is half full day. You’re missing half a glass but you still have half a glass to go. Yum.

I know we long for that magical moment when we feel special but sometimes it’s just nice to be one more smiling face in the crowd.

No I didn’t find a job (and I really, really need too). No I didn’t break my leg (and I really really need to avoid that). So it’s square. Even. Just one more day.

And today that was plenty good enough.


About xackr

Xacking is zenhacks through tech (preferably) lo-cost hi-perf tech. Bootstrapping yourself to rockstar status without breaking bank or stones. I started the idea of xacking as being a way to carry flash drives around with all your key stuff. Now you can stick a computer on a stick. I've since drunk the Apple Kool-Aid and explore bang for buck when the initial buyin is HIGH but quality. The secret? Make it last a long time.


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