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My iPad wishlist (so far)

Okay so we are 13 days away from actually having one in our hands to use and work with. The iPad app store has opened and apps must be submitted by March 27th to be part of the launch. Can I write an iPad app in 6 days? Doubt it. But I am slowly developing a wish list for the iPad that I have reserved on faith.

1. 1 Gigabyte of RAM. I have my fingers crossed. Conservative money would say 512MB but hopefully the unit has a full gig to work with. No one at this point knows that can post.

2. That when tethered to the PC you can use it as a digitizing tablet. Sort of like a Wacom Bamboo that is finger driven.

3. That they will have screen protectors in the Apple Store that day. Yeah I’m that OCD about my gear.

4. That Apple will rerelease Keynote Remote for the iPhone so that it drives Keynote on the iPad as well. Can you imagine the power of setting up your iPad and giving a one-on-one presentation anywhere (anywhere with wifi that is)?

5. That either Brushes or Art Studio and Comic Touch will be available the day of release.

6. That “Rework” will be available in the bookstore (highly unlikely) – as a fallback – that Kindle for the iPad will be available the day of the release.

7. That iWork ’09 will be available the day of the release.

8. That the web version of Hootsuite looks and works good on it.

and finally….

9. That after a few hours of using it I realize I will NEVER have to carry and unfold a laptop again to have decent tech on the go.

13 days and counting.


About xackr

Xacking is zenhacks through tech (preferably) lo-cost hi-perf tech. Bootstrapping yourself to rockstar status without breaking bank or stones. I started the idea of xacking as being a way to carry flash drives around with all your key stuff. Now you can stick a computer on a stick. I've since drunk the Apple Kool-Aid and explore bang for buck when the initial buyin is HIGH but quality. The secret? Make it last a long time.


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