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Holy Cow the new Opera smokes Google Chrome

I love Google Chrome. Probably my favorite browser for speed. I also like the combined search’n’url feature. Makes it really handy to use. That’s on a PC of course. Safari seems to blaze on my Mac while only a tad slower than Chrome on Win7. Then the not so fat lady sang. Opera feels like … Continue reading

Need an IT strategy for home? Here you go.

Mobile Me for Free? No Thank You.

Apple is kicking around the idea of giving away MobileMe for free or at least that’s how the rumor goes. Please don’t. Let me offer an alternative. Make it $39.95 a year or a one time lifetime payment of $199. Why do I want to pay for something that could be free? Because free is … Continue reading

Google Better Watch Out

Google is railing against Apple as being the “big brother” they had warned us against. The one that controls everything. Now when you run that through the decrypter what they are really saying is “we are scared poopless iAd is going to take away another giant chunk of our revenue stream like Facebook Ads has.” … Continue reading

The Apple Adobe War Is Over….

Adobe lost. I know Adobe doesn’t know it yet but we all know it. Adobe will probably do some magnificent chestbeating followed by whining, then pleading, then an big announcement that the NEW FLASH supports HTML5. They will save minor face by doing so, then things will slowly go back to normal as Adobe shores … Continue reading