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Mobile Me for Free? No Thank You.

Apple is kicking around the idea of giving away MobileMe for free or at least that’s how the rumor goes.

Please don’t.

Let me offer an alternative. Make it $39.95 a year or a one time lifetime payment of $199. Why do I want to pay for something that could be free? Because free is always a support bear trap. There’s no money to support the users and at the magic FREE price point you attract a LOT of users that need a LOT of support. The result is a quagmire and people who got it because it was free are burning up the bandwidth with “why a woman is like a beer” emails. Women, by the way, are NOTHING like beers.

So please Apple please, don’t be tempted to give away MobileMe. Price it less than Google Apps but keep it monetized. Also if you are toying with this as a way to deliver more iAds – think about it long and hard. Keeping the revenue generated by iAds “not evil” could be another way for you to lead by example.


About xackr

Xacking is zenhacks through tech (preferably) lo-cost hi-perf tech. Bootstrapping yourself to rockstar status without breaking bank or stones. I started the idea of xacking as being a way to carry flash drives around with all your key stuff. Now you can stick a computer on a stick. I've since drunk the Apple Kool-Aid and explore bang for buck when the initial buyin is HIGH but quality. The secret? Make it last a long time.


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