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If there is a winner in the Google – Apple war who would you miss most?

Seriously. I realize that the Google-Apple war is a war between freinemies and most of the battles are sensationalistic blog posts by flamebaiters. In other words, the war is more about perception than reality. For a second though let’s say it’s an all out war. A caged death match. At this point, right now, who … Continue reading

First days with the iPad

My first days with the iPad have been as Jobs would say “magical”. The main reason I use that word is I know it will cause the haters heads to spin. So let me delight in that mental image for a second. There. The iPad as a computer is of course underpowered when compared to … Continue reading

What Steve Just Did – iPhone4

Well, despite all the ruckus raised on the Google-funded Apple hater sites, Steve just slam dunked with a product everyone already knew about but had no idea how disruptive it really is. Let me do a little future think on what just happened. Camera manufacturers just got hit over the head pretty hard. With HD … Continue reading

My iPad App List

Okay my iPad has shipped I believe, so I should have it in time to just slip under the deadline for the unlimited plan. Now my focus should shift to what I’m going to load on it. I only got the 16GB unit so I have to be frugal. Here’s my complete list I believe … Continue reading

Blog Softly and Carry an 8GB Stick

This is the second post I’ve written on my Windows 7 laptop, except I’m not running Windows 7. I installed Ubuntu (boy isn’t that fun to say) on a USB Pen Drive and booted from it. When I originally started Xackr, it was going to be about installing portable apps that allowed you to move … Continue reading

AT and T Baits then Switches

I had an AT&T Air Card, I paid $38 to “activate it” (which took 1 minute 45 seconds on the computer at AT&T) and $60 a month for 5GB of data. I needed to be able to take orders and set up demoes anywhere. I asked them at the time why it was $60 a … Continue reading