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My iPad App List

Okay my iPad has shipped I believe, so I should have it in time to just slip under the deadline for the unlimited plan. Now my focus should shift to what I’m going to load on it. I only got the 16GB unit so I have to be frugal. Here’s my complete list I believe that will turn my iPad from affectation of effete snobbery to working man’s pad.

1. Keynote. Being able to pull out my iPad boot it up and present my idea is wildly exciting. One of the key things in just “telling” your story is you always remember a talking point you forgot. Mesh the instant on of the iPad with a speed dating style of presentation and the iPad will help you get your message out without missing critical points.
2. Numbers. I like the quirkiness of iWorks spreadsheet application. Since Google Docs apparently can’t yet distinguish between iPad and iPhone – I’ll use Apple’s sheet to crunch with.
3. Carbon Fin Outliner. I love Carbon Fin Outliner on my phone – can’t wait to see it on the big screen. I much prefer outlining over freeform writing.
4. iMockups – Yes! I have something I can sit with and work out my ideas. They day I am comfortable with this I will probably transition from making web apps to just designing them.
5. Sketchbook Pro. My Pogo stylus is on order too, so I look forward to being able to draw cartoons and diagrams on a bigger better surface.
6. Priority Matrix. Looks interesting and it’s on sale – so I’ll give this a shot at organizing my tasks for now.
7. Kindle for iPad. I already own some Kindle books so I’ll enjoy having “Rework” with me, to do my development mantras.

That’s my list. No games, If I find a decent, well reviewed HTML Editor/FTP combo I’ll add that but at this point I’m still looking.


About xackr

Xacking is zenhacks through tech (preferably) lo-cost hi-perf tech. Bootstrapping yourself to rockstar status without breaking bank or stones. I started the idea of xacking as being a way to carry flash drives around with all your key stuff. Now you can stick a computer on a stick. I've since drunk the Apple Kool-Aid and explore bang for buck when the initial buyin is HIGH but quality. The secret? Make it last a long time.


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